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“Well, no I haven’t,” he replied as some Starly flew overhead. “I must say though, your world does have some interesting wildlife,” he remarked, not realizing they were Pokemon. Of course, he hadn’t had too much exposure to Pokemon to begin with. Aside from what few he’d seen around that his friends owned, Ienzo didn’t know too much about them. Sure, he had a Pokedex that Vance had given him, but if he didn’t know they were in the Pokemon world, how would he know to use it?

“You talk about this world like I do about Radiant Garden,” he smiled at her. “Like it’s the perfect paradise that you never want to move from.”

As he spoke that last line, Platina realized something. She realized that he was speaking the truth. She was a wild spirit, a spirit that craved to travel the world and become the best that she possibly could be. But what if the best that could be offered was right here? What if it was hidden within the pages of the books stored in the Canalave library? Or written on the walls of the ancient caves in Mount Coronet? What is everything she had been looking for was right where she always had been?

Suddenly, the world felt much smaller. 

She broke through her thoughts and returned her attention to Ienzo once more. “Yes, Sinnoh holds some of the most magnificent Pokemon in all of the regions. It truly is a paradise.”Curiosity pricked at her skin, her thirst for knowledge slowly crawling to the surface. “Tell me about this.. Radiant Garden.” 

Platina didn’t even realize she was smiling. 

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“Then I believe I shall. Who knows what I’ll find out,” he smirked. This might be a lot more fun than he’d initially thought. And he was likely to have fun no matter how this turned out. Platina might well have met her match with the youthful scientist before her as he studied her. Hmm. The name she gave and her air means she comes from a family of wealth. Possibly old money, too, from how regal she acts. Definitely the result of tradition. She’s smart though. Might try to keep me on my toes, he thought as he looked at her.

“How interesting…I’ve never been to this Sinnoh place before… what an interesting world…” he murmured. “What is this world like?” he asked.

"You’ve never been?" Platina asked, surprised, as she turned her head to look at him. Odd, she thought, Sinnoh is the place to be. It was true; the northern region housed one of the most diverse lands in all of the Pokemon world, and there were many wonders about this mysterious place, including the obvious one—Mount Coronet. The great mountain split the nation in two, exactly down the middle. The precision of the border between halves was unexplainable.

What was this world like? …Did he mean there was more than one world? No. It couldn’t be. 

"It’s wonderful," She answered simply, platinum eyes breaking his gaze to cast themselves over the swirling waters along the Canalave City coastline. "To put it short and sweet, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else." 

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“Or I could just take the time to research into it on my own. It shouldn’t be too hard, after all. I know what you look like, so asking around might well be easy enough. Now, which world does this happen to be? It isn’t Radiant Garden, I’m sure,” he replied. He may not have known anything about her. But then, she didn’t know about him, either.

"Go ahead, if you’d like." Platina’s family may have been rich, but it wasn’t like she was famous. Even Diamond and Pearl hadn’t known who she was until they’d snooped around and uncovered her disguise. Sure, her first name being kept a secret was true to the Berlitz family tradition, but she didn’t care much for it. Although, she didn’t mind toying with this "Ienzo" character, either. 

"This is Canalave City," Platina answered, "In Sinnoh." Radiant Garden? What was that?

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Then that might change once she was informed of who he studied under. The apprentices were something like nobility in Radiant Garden, even though they were hand selected.

“That name isn’t going to work, miss. I’d like to know your real name,” he pressed on a little.

“You may call me Ienzo.”

"Ienzo." She repeated, the name sounding odd to her ears.

A faint grin then played on her lips as he requested further information. He really didn’t know who he was talking to. “I’m afraid you’ll have to make due with what I’ve given you.”

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The girl blinked calmly, her serene gaze unwavering. 


Ienzo returned the gaze, bright blue eyes assessing the young woman in front of him with slight intrigue.

“Hello. What’s your name?”

Of course, he asked her name. It was only the normal thing to do. But, in tradition to her family, the girl was not allowed to give those of lesser rank her true title. 

"You may call me Lady."

Her platinum eyes connected with his own. “And yourself?” 

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The girl blinked calmly, her serene gaze unwavering.